Your Prescription to financial wellness

For this paper I am uploading some links and papers that I did please read and combine.
Your final assignment is your prescription for financial wellness. Please be aware that this final reflection paper, your prescription for financial wellness, is the “signature assignment” for this class. You’ve learned how to budget, save, invest, monitor your credit, and protect your identity. These are five very important core elements to maintaining your financial well-being. In this reflective essay, you will share the financial journey you’ve been on for the past six weeks. Please take care to not include any personal financial information in the context of this paper. Start at the beginning and share where you were at the start of the course. Include your starting knowledge of personal finance and what you were hoping to learn in this course. Working with your weekly reflection assignments, pick two to three items of most value to you that you learned throughout the course. Briefly describe the topic and what you learned about yourself as a result of the topic. Next, think about your financial wellness plan for the future. When doing your weekly reflections, what are some goals that you have set for yourself? These can be long-term (two-plus years) or short-term goals (one year or less). What steps do you plan to take to fulfill these goals? Your final closing statement should be one to three sentences reflecting on the value of taking control of your financial future.

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