Your Earliest Memory of Reading or Writing- NARRATIVE STORY

Description**THIS IS JUST A NARRATIVE STORY ROUGH DRAFT. PLEASE TRY NOT TO MAKE IT TOO “PROFESSIONAL” SOUNDING/ADVANCED. my last writer’s essay was obviously not written by a first year student. You can just use your own first memory of reading or writing. I’ve attached an example story that my teacher wants up to reference. **Make sure your writing dialog for this genre correct- everytime a new person speaks, it’s a new line/paragraph break.Instructions per my teacher: The next step is drafting, where you take the ideas that you have come up with and put them in a first rough draft. This draft will be incomplete and messy since you are just starting to work through the ideas.
Remember: This should not be a traditional academic essay! You can write this as a narrative story, magazine personal/feature article, or a personal blog entry. Attachments areaReplyForward
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