You are required to identify real examples of building code violations and use the 2020 Florida Building Code to suggest the correct code requirements for those violations. Building codes are established to protect the health and safety of the building occupants. Construction projects involve a lot of human inputs, which can lead to several human errors, one such example of building code violations. These violations can be either from architect, construction manager, or a facility manager. Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) must play an important role in ensuring the project follows all the mandates set by the building code. You are required to step into the shoes of an AHJ, list out all the building code violations, and recommend changes according to the Florida Building code.

First you are required to search real-world examples of building code violations online. Below are few examples of common building code violations:



You are then required to select 5 major building code violations from your research and suggest the actual code requirements from the 2020 Florida Building Code. The suggestions have to be detailed and cover all the code requirements (including references to National Standards and other code references). The selected code violations have to be very different in nature and must not be similar in conditions. For example, try identifying violations on accessibility, fire suppression system, and structural design provisions to cover different aspects of a building project.

The assignment should also be well organized and free from spelling and grammar mistakes. Students are encouraged to use headings and proper formatting to make it easier for the reader to follow the line of thought. The grading of the assignment will be based on its: technical content, writing style, and organization.

The assignment should be submitted by the deadline on Canvas using a word processing software. Paper and email submissions will not be accepted with no exceptions. The assignment will be tested using the services of Turnitin to verify the authenticity and originality of the work submitted as the student’s own.

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