Written Assignment on Number Operations (1 paragraph response to 2 questions based on an given scenario)

In a well-written paragraph (5 sentence minimum), explain/answer the following: * Imagine this scenario: You’re the teacher in a preschool classroom. A parent whose child will be going to kindergarten next year shares with you that he is worried that his child doesn’t know how to add and subtract yet. He tells you that he’s been working with his child at home doing addition and subtraction problems such as 2+3=? or 6-3=? but that his child needs more practice. He asks if you could do these types of worksheets in school. Think about how you would respond to this parent. Write a one paragraph response that answers these questions: 

 How would you explain your perspective about appropriate pre-k math while respecting his perspective?  

What activities could you suggest he do with his child at home to prepare for kindergarten math that would be more developmentally appropriate than doing worksheets with arithmetic equations?

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