Written Assignment #1 “Three Economists and Their Theories”

Written Assignment #1 “Three Economists and Their Theories” Please read the article http://www.infoplease.com/cig/economics/three-economists-their-theories.htmlLinks to an external site. After reading the article, you will pick an economist, either Adam Smith, Karl Marx or John Maynard Keynes. From the economist’s perspective (whichever economist you chose), answer the following: 1) Summarize the economist’s key philosophies 2) Explain how the Three Basic Questions would be answered 3) Discuss how the Factors of Production should be managed under your economist’s perspective Students will be required to submit thorough essays (500 to 750 words excluding the cover page, abstract and reference page) that answer all questions applying to the assignment and provided by the author. Do not submit as either a numbered Q&A or as a bulleted list of data, rather submit a completed written paper.

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