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The following case is reproduced from pages 229-230 of Hill, Just Business. Calcutta Industries (CI) operates an incinerator in western Texas. It is the second-largest employer in the area. When built, the incinerator was several miles from the nearest town. However, urban sprawl has pushed the boundaries of two towns to within three miles of the plant. A local elementary school, several daycare centers and a nursing home are within five miles. On certain days, when the wind blows in their direction, kids and seniors are impacted by incinerator waste. CI has worked diligently over the past two decades to greatly reduce the amount of mercury and other heavy metal emissions. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has declared that these metals can cause health risks such as birth defects, asthma, and Alzheimer’s disease.The Environmental Council of Texas, a non-profit organization, wants to shut the incinerator down. It recently commissioned a study to weigh the benefits and costs of the incinerator. The research indicated the following:  BenefitsAmountJobs3,450,600Additional economic benefit5,325,500Taxes200,000CI contributions to local charities100,000Total benefits9,076,098 Costs Three deaths per year, including stillborn children3,000,000Air and water pollution3,500,000Lost tourism500,000Other health problems created450,000Property damage1,000,000Reduction of aesthetic value and quality of life500,000Total costs8,950,000 How would the following environmental ethics evaluate this case? What recommendations would each make? Why?AnthropocentricBiocentricTheocentricWhat do you think should happen? (In answering this question, be sure to use appropriate critical thinking skills to evaluate the validity of the Environmental Council’s cost/benefit analysis.) Why?As you reflect on this chapter and your past experiences with the environment, what have you learned? What conclusions can you draw?Describe at least one specific way in which you can apply what you have learned about the environment.

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