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Part 1:Choose 1 topic you are interested in and ensure it can be written about in 1 of the following genres:Professional email advocating for a change at work How-to essay describing a process at home or workCivic action letter to an official or authorityPersuasive essay on a debatable issue Personal brand story based on your journaling and the Personal Branding Guide (Note: Refer to the Model Brand Story for a personal brand story example.)Create a maximum 525-word written piece that includes the necessary components for your chosen genre.Address the following in your written piece:The genre’s audience and your faculty memberSamples and trends (e.g., citations, word choice, writing to the correct official, etc.) for your chosen genreCorrect formatting for your chosen genrePart 2:Insert a page break after your piece of writing.Write a reflection addressing the following questions in at least 1 sentence each:What genre did you choose for your written piece? How does your writing demonstrate this genre?All writing has a purpose that is unique to the situation. What did you hope to accomplish with your written piece?What research did you do for this assignment?Cite and format references for your written piece according to APA guidelines. Do this to the best of your ability or use a citation generator if you need help.Submit your assignment. ResourcesSample PaperModel Brand StoryCenter for Writing ExcellenceReference and Citation GeneratorGrammar Assistance

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