World of the Arts

Answer four essay questions below. I am looking for complete sentences and thoughts; you will lose points for bullet points. Since this is take-home and open book I expect very thorough answers. You must give me a link to any website you use in your response at the end of that essay. Failure to cite sources will result in a zero for the exam at a minimum. I expect each question to take a page or so to answer fully. Everyone in the group must submit the assignment even if they are identical. 

1) How do the following Greek Statues: the Spearbearer and the Venus de Milo influence modern body image? (Consider each piece, what is its significance regarding body image and the ideal? How do we feel the influence of these sculptures today in terms of body image?) 

2) Choose one tomb/burial form from the lecture for your final remains. Why did you pick that form? What message are you trying to get across? 

3) How does religion inform how we depict the human form? 

4) Using concrete examples please list and explain common features found in sacred spaces (focus on the architecture).

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