Wollstonecraft reading


I will uload the reading 

so it will be 3 different quotes for the 3 different parts 

here are thr pages for the 3 different parts 

pp.  21-44 part

45-54 second part 

55-63 – third part 

skim through the reading, Please submit one quote with annotation for each of the three (sometimes two) sections of text (reading assignments); due dates for each are in your module. For each of the three (or two) quotes, say in your annotation why you picked this quote or why it was interesting to you, what sorts of feelings it evoked in you and why, what you think it means and how it relates to other things. This can be more personal or more academic or creative. However, you should be able to speak intelligently about this quote, meaning you should choose something that you feel you can actually say something about. In other words, your quote should not be something you cannot comprehend at all; if you have comprehension questions, you can just ask them in class or in office hours. Choose something that you want to explore or that resonates with you or raises certain bigger problems that you find important. When you speak, I expect that you say more than two or three sentences. This will be graded, and if you have not submitted a quote with comments the night before we are discussing the assigned reading, or if you do not have those on hand in class in order to share them with the rest of us, or if you only make some cursory statements that are either superficial, fail to demonstrate close reading (of the entire assignment for that day) and deep thinking, or do not effectively engage your classmates, you will lose half or all the credit for a given annotation.

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