wk5 8114 Introduction to the Science of Translation, I

To prepare:Review the Learning Resources. Pay particular attention to the featured frameworks/models, below, in the White, Dudley-Brown, and Terhaar text. Identify the translation science framework or model that is most relevant to the practice problem of  Poor working conditions have been a major issue in nursing practices, resulting in adverse effects on patients and caregivers. from among the following three models and consider your reasoning:Roger’s Diffusion of Innovations (pp. 36–39);Knowledge-to-Action (pp. 42–45);Theory of Reasoned Action (pp. 66–67).Assess your understanding of “translation science” and how you would explain it in the context of evidence-based practice and quality improvement.With these thoughts in mind … Post an explanation of the translation science framework or model that you selected and explain why it is most relevant to your practice problem. Be specific and provide examples.***Textbook will be uploaded by 2pm EST****

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