Williams, Cotton, Winthrop/Enlightenment & Reformation

Last week you read Chapter 2 “The Colonial Era, before 1776″(pp. 13 – 20) in the Whittington textbook. This week’s readings from the same textbook center on early religious writings and the influence of religion and faith in Colonial thought and practice.Use chapter 2 and the primary source documents from Williams, Cotton, and Winthrop (pp. 21 – 27) to complete the two-part discussion below:1. Was religion a source of ideas in colonial America and why? Do Williams, Cotton, and Winthrop rely on biblical authority for civil jurisdiction and regulation? Do they separate “church and state?”2. The colonies all had popularly elected assemblies. In these self-governing colonies, who was able to vote? What does that suggest about democracy in colonial America?150 words (Book is attached) 

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