what is the purpose of sleep

Task 1: Read the following article on sleep: 1) Nunez, K.., & Lamoreux, K., (July 20, 2020.) What is the Purpose of Sleep? Healthline. https://www.healthline.com/health/why-do-we-sleep#why-do-we-sleep IN YOUR OWN WORDS, answer the following questions: A) what is a sleep? B) how is sleep related to human cells and human health? C) Pick one benefit of sleep. Explain why it interests you. D) Share one of your experiences with sleep. Have you (or someone you know) had difficulties? Do you value sleep? What do you do to ensure that you sleep well? E) Properly cite at least TWO ADDITIONAL sources for your information (at least one should be about the sleep benefit you chose). DO THIS BY FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30.

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