What Is “Good Writing” In The Field of Business

Using the 3 provided databases, write a paper following the instructions below. 




Paper should be written in MLA  

The different parts of the paper should be titled Section 1 and Section 2

Instead of composing a thesis for the whole paper, think about composing the two sections separately with a guiding opening statement for each. 

Paper should be around 1200-1300 WordsObjective: For this assignment, there are two goals: 

1. To examine an academic conversation between 3-4 different writers in your field of study, noticing how scholars in your field share findings in professional journals and “converse” with one another about a particular specialized topic. 

2. To identify and analyze the genre conventions that are specific to academic journals in your field of study. 

Assignment The paper will have two basic sections that correspond with the above goals: 

 Section 1: A summary of each of your 3-4 articles and explanation of how they build on/contradict/complement each other. How are these authors “in conversation” with each other? How does their conversation fit into your field as a whole? 

 Section 2: An analysis of what genre conventions are common to the 3-4 articles you wrote about in section 1. How does the structure of the articles aid in their function? If your articles are scattered across journals, are there differences in structure? 

Section 1 should meet all of the following: The summaries clearly written enough to make the major findings of each article understandable to a reasonably educated lay reader? Is it clear how the articles are connected to each other and what the conversation is between the authors

Section 2 should meet all of the following:  The writer discuss what genre conventions the articles they picked share in common? Does the writer discuss how those genre conventions help the authors communicate their findings? Do they describe differences between article structures if applicable

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