What are the strengths and weaknesses of representative democracy in Canada? *SEE BELOW FOR FULL*

FULL ESSAY TOPIC: What are the strengths and weaknesses of representative democracy in Canada? Explain why some argue that Canada suffers from a ‘democratic deficit’? Explain why some people or groups are more represented than others? Ensure you examine the electoral system as well as the policy-making process.

INSTRUCTIONS: Individual Assignment: collection and use of primary documents and data-based research The aim of the Assignment is to show your ability to: Collect, analyze, and display documentation and/or numerical data Carry out interesting and insightful research and analysis. You will be evaluated on: Your ability to collect and identify a range of relevant source material Your demonstrated ability to think critically and write coherently 

Find and collect relevant documentation and/data. Ensure your material are reputable and reliable from official, authenticated sources. 3. Write an essay of 2,000 words using APA referencing     


Essay structure and paragraph content When you write an essay, it is good practice when writing content for each paragraph to follow the PEEL method: Each paragraph should contain the following: P: Point – make a point E: Evidence or Examples – provide evidence or examples relevant to the point you are making E: Explanation – explain the evidence relative to the point you are making L: Link – provide a sentence or two which sums up the above, and then links to the next paragraph 

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