What are the benefits of bilingual education?

**** I have provided you with 10 scholarly articles that I have found on structuring this research paper and have provided you with an annotated bibliography I have written on these sources; you must use the ideas or data from these 10 scholarly sources in this research paper.
 In addition, you should find 6 more scholarly article or journals that are relevant to the topic to support your writing. Note that this paper will be written using the same approach to writing a literature review; you will use ideas and data from the relevant literature to support your arguments for each point you present.
Here is an outline for this paper, you should follow this outline to write this order.Part 1: Introduction / Background

— The origin and development of bilingual education in the U.S context -> Maybe in this section, you should map out different bilingual education theories and models in a historical context

— The fact that bilingual education is gaining attention could be instead included in the introduction. You should give an overview of the growth of bilingual education (by numbers, for example, # of school districts adopting bilingual education approaches), in the intro/background to rather state the need for your research and the gaps in knowledge you find.

Part 2: Reasons for the development of bilingual education in the U.S

– Analyze what factors have influenced the development of bilingual education from the political, economic and cultural perspectives, and what specific effects they have had

Part 3: Benefits of bilingual education

Don’t limit the categories because you will have that based on the literature review. “What does the literature say about the benefits of bilingual education?” There probably are benefits of academic outcomes. There probably are also social and emotional outcomes, or more broadly benefits on racial/ethnic/cultural or religious identity formation outcomes. There may be more mentioning of interpersonal outcomes, also post-graduate employment advantages, also maybe other transferable skills helpful for navigating adult life? So at this point, just be clear with your research question that the thematic categories will come once you finished the literature research.

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