Wellness Facility PowerPoint


This is a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation. The presentation will be a 10-15 slide description of your ideal wellness facility.  Pretend you are designing and opening a wellness facility.  The PowerPoint Presentation will be a proposal to potential investors. It must include the name, membership cost, facility layout, staff, programming/services provided at the facility, and projected budget.  Provide a rationale for each of the previous components of your facility based on your personal wellness or the needs of society. Criteria for Wellness Facility PowerPoint 1)  Presentation Length (10-15 slides)                                                              2)  Name of Facility & Mission Statement                                                                             3)  Membership Cost Structure                                                                               4)  Layout of Facility (Floorplan)                                                           5)  Staff 6)  Programs/Services Offered 7)  Projected Budget (Expenses & Revenue) 8)  Quality of Sales Pitch to Investors (make them want to invest) 9)  Overall Quality and Organization of Presentation 10)  Cite Information in APA Format (Bibliography & Within Slides)

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