Weight and Balance Terms and Mishaps

Using the NTSB Aviation Mishap Database (Links to an external site.), find at least two helicopter mishaps with weight and balance issues listed as the Probable Cause. Write a mishap synopsis and, beyond the obvious “operate the aircraft within the published CG envelope”, evaluate what can be learned from this mishap? What systems or procedures could we put in place to prevent a reoccurrence? Demonstrate an understanding of how weight and balance affects aircraft performance by evaluating the effect of the effect on helicopter performance in this mishap. Consider that checklists and training have been standard industry solutions for decades and do not present increased value. What else can we apply to solve the seemingly intractable problem of weight and balance-related mishaps? Be bold and thoughtful — consider describing the next Space Dragon-level project that will eliminate weight and balance mishaps.https://www.ntsb.gov/Pages/AviationQuery.aspx

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