Weekly Worksheet

Weekly Worksheet 

Complete, and Submit the Worksheet Questions below by Friday 9/17 at 8 am.

-Read the rubric carefully 

-Review all the materials carefully (both readings and lectures) – make sure to plan the completion of the assignment with due times. Each answer to the prompt should be at least 150-200 words and cannot exceed the 400 words. 

-This a cumulative Worksheet, make sure that you start working on it as you proceed through the different modules Wk 0-2 

-Remember that there is no right or wrong answer to any of the prompts, the scope of this assignment is for you to exercise critical thinking, and to develop analytical and argumentative skills. In addition, the worksheet’s prompts are designed to make sure that you proficiently familiarize yourself with key case studies, terms, and historical concepts that characterized the development of the Architectural field. 


Part I 

1. Presenting one case study from the reading and one from the lecture, reflect on how from the second half of the 19th century architecture became an interpreter of civilizations, and contributed to the Eurocentric idea of world order based on ‘racialism’ (Cheng, 134). In your response, outline what Irene Cheng means by ‘racialism’, and how, through the author’s argument, racialism is embedded in Modernism. (300-600 words)

2. In thinking about the class materials and readings, reflect on the format used by Viollet le Duc to produce his history of mankind. Why do you think the architect used a children’s book format? Base your response on factual and analytical information, rather than your opinion. (150-400 words)

-Eugene Viollet-le-Duc, The Habitations of Man in all Ages [1875, transl. 1876]: pp. 1-14  (https://library.si.edu/digital-library/book/habitationsofma00viol)

– Irene Cheng, “Structural Racialism in Modern Architectural Theory”, Race and Modern Architecture (Pittsburgh: The University of Pittsburgh Press, 2020): pp. 134 – 152 (see attachment)

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