Week 6: 6.1 – Discussion – What makes a good budget

In the book, “Recommended Budget Practices: A Framework for Improved State and Local Government Budgeting” the authors state (page 3) that a good (governmental) budget process is characterized by the following features:

Incorporates a long-term perspective

 Establishes linkages to broad organizational goals

 Focuses budget decisions on results and outcomes

 Provides incentives to government management and employees

As the leader and chief budget developer for a digital forensics lab, do you agree or disagree with the features described above? Why? If you are budgeting for a private for-profit lab, do your characteristics differ? How? Where would you look for additional funds for your lab? What grant or foundation money could you apply for?

Reference: Government Finance Officers Association. (n.d.). Budgeting and Planning Resource Center. Retrieved from https://www.gfoa.org/materials

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