Week 3 Discussion- Homework Assignment


Week 3 Discussion- Homework Assignment Part 1: Using the balance sheet that you created in Week 1, assess the balance sheet in terms of the Equity Growth Rate. What strategic decision-making strategy and/or interventions would you propose to increase departmental profitability and value within the organization?         Part 2: Explore the company income statements found here https://drdianehamilton.com/apple-and-other-top-10-company-financial-statements/ (Links to an external site.). Based on your analysis of these income statements last week, select one company to define and critique their organizational performance for a specific year and over time. Debate the risk or reward for investing in this company while taking into account intersecting and mitigating factors that may impact performance in the coming year.                                                                  Part 3: Using the applicable financial metrics provided by Phil Town in this week’s video (below), complete the organizational reports in Fields: Appendix A (pg. 279) Case Study and analyze the organizational performance of Middlesex Manufacturing Company, Inc. What information is missing, and how does this impact your analysis? What recommendations might you make to organizational leadership to improve company performance based on your analysis?

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