Week 2 Threaded Discussion

After reading the assigned chapters in the Sande textbook, what does the phrase “God is in Control” mean to you? Please cite the Sande text and the Bible at least one time each. Directions: Once a forum opens on Day 1, you are required to “Start a New Thread” by Day 3. Initial post should be 200-300 words, not counting citations. You MUST include at least two citations in your original post as well as in each of your response posts, with one citation coming from the assigned textbook in the course and the others coming from course study materials or from the literature. Remember to cite your sources properly. Label your post with a provocative/descriptive title that invites your classmates to engage it. By Day 7 you need to write two response posts of no more than 200 words each that respond to two posts created by your colleagues, either on their threads or on yours. Review the Gary (2016) Forum Participation Made Easy.pdf handout to help you understand how to craft your forum posts. Click the Forum title to complete this assignment and view the Dialogue Grading Rubric.

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