week 2 task 1 task 2

There are two tasks for this week Answer the following questions in no less than 250 words. Cite any additional references in APA format. Post substantive comments on at least two other discussions We are now learning a bit about the people in history who have contributed to the field of microbiology. Additionally, we will be focusing on bacterial cell structures. Task 1: History of Microbiology For this week’s conference you should: find a person of historical significance in the fields of bacteriology or virology. You should choose someone who is not mentioned in Module 1 or described in detail in your book. Please provide: Links to any website you used to gather information Identify the person and tell us a little about what they did to advance the science of microbiology. Explain any relevant history that led them to their discovery Be sure to explain fully the impact of their unique contribution to the field of microbiology. Here are just a few places to look: Timeline Nobel Prizes (1901, 28, 39, 45, 52, 54, 66, 69, 75, 76, 97, and 2005 are good years to look at) Task 2: Cell Structures For this week’s conference you should choose and describe a structure/functional protein found in/on a bacterial cell from the list below. Provide the following in your response: Options: Flagella Cell wall of Gram negative cells Cell wall of Gram positive cells Peptidoglycan (focus on structure and composition) Cytoplasm Ribosomes Porins Actin cytoskeleton Chromosomal DNA Plasmid DNA Pili (F-pilus) The Glycocalyx – Caspule S-layer Nucleiod Endospore Periplasmic space A-B bacterial toxins (Cholera toxin) Shiga toxin of EHEC Cholera toxin Pertussis toxin Penicillin binding proteins invA protein (of Salmonella) beta-lactamase Magnetosomes Describe where in the cell the structure is located and the function of the structure. If you are reporting on a protein or toxin, be sure to talk about the specific function of the protein and how it may contribute to disease. If there is an equivalent structure in eukaryotic cells, explain to us if they are the same or how they differ. Find a website that shows us a diagram of the structure you have chosen. (Provide an active LINK and brief description of the image) Reminder: All posts should be titled “Week#-Task#-LastName, FirstName”. For example, Week2-Task1

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