Week 2 Assignment – Business, Duties and Ethics

The goal of this assignment is to research the different types of business organizational formations, compare management practices and corporate governance, and determine how ethics, duty of care, loyalty, and “business judgement rule/piercing the corporate veil” are applicable.  Research the different types of business organization formations and determine which is best to avoid liability when starting your own accounting firm. Support your determination with evidence. Compare and contrast the fiduciary duties partners owe to each other in a limited liability partnership. Include an example of how each can be breached and explain how the Systematic Approach is best when facing an ethical dilemma. Examine the Business Judgment Rule and the holding in the case of [Rosati v. Rosati] 2021 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 155794, 2021 WL 3666432 and explain your understanding of the facts of the case and the decision by the district court. Provide specific examples of how the Business Judgment Rule helps to protect decisions by corporate officers. Use at least three quality sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate. Cite each source listed on your source page at least one time within your assignment.

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