website review


Review the materials from the One Love Foundation website below, create a 1 page “top 10 list” highlighting 10 important facts you learned about the Foundation and material included. Ten is the minimum, but you may include up to 20. These top 10 facts should important for Public Health Professionals AND people in general to know. 

 For full credit each Top 10 MUST: Be in your own words: Avoid Plagiarism. If you copy or use any of their wording (“4 or more words”), cite properly using APA. Be numbered 1-10 Be complete sentences and grammatically correct (run spell and grammar check) 


 Become familiar with the One Love Foundation and what they do. At the website, minimally review the following Tabs (1. Relationships 101, 2. About) and the specific links under each that I have listed below. 

 (Your Top 10 list should come from various pages at this website – NOT all from the same page)

 1. Relationships 101: 10 Signs of a Health Relationship 10 Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship Videos – Scroll down and watch “Because I Love You” 

2. About Regional Offices: Florida Statistics 

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