Web Resources Portfolio

1. Use a tool of your choice to create the portfolio. Some options are listed below, but feel free to be creative and choose something different. Web tools – Google Docs, Google Slides, etc. Software application – Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, etc. 

 2. The portfolio should have at least 10 types of web resources relevant to your classroom or career. Here are some possible sections: Productivity Software Presentation Software Professional Development

 Learning Management Software Student Games Administrative Software Time Management Software

 Teamwork Software Video Creation Software Social Media Software 

3. You need to include at least two tools in each type. For example, for the “Student Games” type, 

you can include PBS games and Minecraft games. So in total, you should have at least 20 tools in your 

portfolio. For each tool you select, you should create a summary that includes: Name of the tool. 

Direct URL of the tool. A one-paragraph description of the tool. A list of ideas on how you could use this tool in your work

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