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Attach your PowerPoint presentation for your informative speech

You MUST incorporate a PowerPoint into you speech. This PowerPoint should include 1 title slide, a minimum of 3 content slides, and 1 citations slide. Total – 5 slides minimum. You will display this PowerPoint to your audience during your speech and make it viewable in your recording.

As outlined in the syllabus, the one-time exception pass does not apply to this assignment.


Follow the following design principles as you lay out your slides:

1. Use the 6×6 rule, no more than 6 lines of content, with a maximum of six words in each line.

2. Be thoughtful about color choices, keep it simple with font color that contrasts your background well like medium-dark blue and white, black and white, (avoid reds and yellows and light colors that are hard to see). Below is a graphic of good and bad color choices – click on the graphic to visit the website for more tips and good design principles.

3. Keep background designs simple and clear (avoid slide designs with patterns that make it hard to read the text). Visit the Think Outside the Slide website and access their Color Contrast Calculator to check your color selection.

4. Balance your slides with images -one image per slide OR if two images are appropriate, make sure that they are balanced on the slide with appropriate “white space”.

5. Use high quality images and graphics, if it’s blurry or grainy don’t include it.

6. Mind your spelling and grammar, double check for mistakes.

Overall less is more, don’t overwhelm your audience with “junked up” slides. Keep them clean and include whitespace. Simple is good!

Citation and Works Cited

All graphics and images used from other sources must be cited on the slide using the MLA format for in-text citations.

So let’s say you’ve used a graphic from John Smith’s blog then below the graphic you will include your in text citation of (Smith) and then the complete citation in your works cited slide at the end of the presentation.

Your works cited slide will only include sources used in the power point slides, as you will verbally deliver your sources from your outline.

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