Vitale Ch 6 “The Failures of Policing Sex Work”

hapter 6 The Failures of Policing Sex Work”In order to facilitate a good, engaging, and participatory discussion, you will be asked to provide a discussion question regarding the Vitale readings. The questions should provide a summary of a point or details of the background information so that others in the class can understand the context and perhaps respond to the questions. Questions must be posted on Blackboard by midnight each Wednesday that a Vitale chapter is assigned.Students will only be given credit for discussion posts that meet the following guidelines:  1. First be fully prepared – read the whole reading. Don’t write a discussion question that makes it obvious that you only read the first paragraph/page or that your question doesn’t make sense for those who read the whole reading.  2. Open-ended – the question should not be something that can be answered as “yes” or “no” or from material in the text. 3. Clearly stated – be sure that your question does not include typos or grammatical mistakes. This can make it very difficult for others to understand what you are asking. Two steps can reduce the likelihood of this. First type yourquestion in a program that has a grammar check like Word. Then paste it in Blackboard. Second, and this soundsobvious but, reread your question before posting it. 4. Cite your readings – you must refer to something specific in the text. Your questions should first be put in context byreferring to a specific passage that includes a page number or section heading.  5. Subject – the subject of the post should not be the title of the reading/chapter, but should give others an idea about thetopic of your question. 6. Relevant – you must ask a question that is relevant to the class as well as to the subject being covered in class. This canbe done by incorporating current day news or material from other classes. The best questions incorporate other materialfrom class. After reading the Vitale reading think about how it relates to the additional readings about public sociology. 7. Thought provoking – good questions make others think more deeply about the readings. Don’t ask questions that are answered by the author. The best discussion questions incorporate ideas from past readings or other readings for theweek.

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