Visual Art short Paper

  • Write a 700-800 word descriptive analysis of ceramic artist Kate Macdowell, CHOOSE ONE PIECE of her art to focus on. 

Focus on one piece – 

  1.  Solastalgia
  2. Canary
  3. Or Venus

Use visual description to bring your writing toward a visual / critical analysis. Start with a concise visual description —- then move into a critical analysis of what the work is doing, how it is doing it, and why it is doing it in the manner you see before you. (She relates her art to conflicts with nature)

Moving beyond description, your paper should ultimately lead toward the formation of an argument / thesis regarding the work you choose. You should condense and clarify your initial descriptions as necessary in order to integrate them into this paper. Do not think of description and analysis as separate components here, but rather consider how they can feed into one another.

Papers should include (in no particular order):

  1. A clear thesis statement communicating your main argument 
  2. A visual description (including aspects relevant to your analysis) 
  3. An articulation of your point-of-view/argument concerning the work of art

** Scholarly Article (adressing the artist or the specific piece of art)

– One article must be from the source I provided in the attatchments.

– Find a 2nd Scholarly source that addresses/ relates to the art

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