v for vendetta comparing and contrasting V for vendetta to real life

For a final assignment you will need to type a 5-6 page paper (not including the cover memo and works cited page) comparing and contrasting V from V for Vendetta with a real life person who fought for social justice. You will need to first choose who you’re going to compare V to, a list of possible people is provided below, then research their life and find 4-5 things (4-5 things that you are comparing and/or contrasting will be your PIE paragraphs) that person did related to their social justice cause that you can either compare to something about V from our novel or contrast with something about V within our novel.Formulate:5-6 page essay typed,in Times New Roman font,at 12 point font,and double spaced.You must also include at least three quotes either from V or from the person you are comparing/contrasting him to or both.You must include a works cited page at the end of the essay.You must include a cover memo at the front of the essay.You must include a AWC worksheet for TWO of your sources used in the essay. (YOU ARE SUBMITTING THIS AS A SEPARATE ASSIGNMENT)Procedure to guide you through the writing process: Answer, to the best of your ability, each point in the outline form modeled below.Introduction (Paragraph one)· Introduce the audience to your topic · What will the audience find enlightening in your paper· State your thesis at this point of your outlineContext and Background (paragraph two):· What concerned you as you researched the topic · What did you hope to find out as you continued your research· What can you teach and inform your audience about your topic· What might the audience already know about the topic· What support do you need to provide so that the audience can understand your topic · Include some background information that may help the audience better understand your topicWriting strategy choice (PIE, Toulmin’s Method or Aristotle Ethos, Pathos, and Logos) (paragraphs 3, 4, 5, 6, …)· Discuss what you discovered as you continued your research- What are your four to five supporting points and explain how they relate to your thesis· Address one additional source you selected- Explain how the additional source helps to support your point and thesis Conclusion (last paragraph of the paper):· Discuss if, how, why your views changed or did not change by the research · What new questions have arisen from your research · What would you like to continue to investigate that you did not get answered Possible people to compare/contrast to:Malcolm XMartin Luther King Jr.GandhiSitting BullCrazy HorseOscar WildeOskar SchindlerNelson MandelaGuy FawkesFrederick DouglassErnesto ‘Che’ GuevaraJoan BaezMalala YousafzaiAngela DavisJohn LennonVenus WilliamsBillie Jean KingJackie RobinsonSteve JobsDave ChappelleKendrick LamarLizzoBlack Lives MatterMetoo Movement

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