Using evidence from the myth of Romulus and from the textbook, explain how the story portrayed the violent and tyrannical elements of kingship in order to inspire the Romans to distribute power carefully during the early republic.

hello, I do not have time to complete this assignment due to a heavy course load. I have sources listed below as well as a thesis statement. The purpose of the paper is to convey knowledge of the readings, especially in the Myth of Romulus and Remus in this case. The focus of the paper should be how roman kings during the “era of kings”,in the formative years of Rome, werer represented through romulus in the tale as he is very militant and aggressive (raised by a she wolf, committed fratricide, as well as stole woman from the neighboring sabines. In short the paper should embody this thesis statement: “In the myth of Romulus and Remus, the monarchs of Rome during the Roman “era of kings’ are characterized through the fratricidal, tyrannical, and savage Romulus, as the tale is utilized as a caveat to future Romans of the tyranny faced during the era of kings,”

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