Users, Passwords, and Security in Windows

Read “Securing User Accounts and Passwords in Windows,” located in the topic Resources, and follow the tutorial instructions to carry out security tasks on your Windows machine. View the “Users, Passwords, and Security in Windows” video within the “Video Playlist: Introduction to Information Technology,” located in the topic Resources. 

Answer the following questions in 250–500 words and save the assignment as “ITT-111-FirstInitialLastNameTopic2Assignment2.” 

Use the links and paraphrase the information in the form of answering these questions below.Discuss the creation of three user accounts: one with a password, one with a pin, and one with a picture.

What do you feel are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the three security methods, particularly between versions of Windows Enterprise, Home, and Professional? Do you think one may be more secure than the others? If so, which one? Do you think it’s different at home compared to the workplace? Explain.

Describe UAC and what advantages and disadvantages you think it brings to the table.

Describe the Defender and its protections. Explain the one thing you must continuously do if you want to keep your system protected.

Describe what a firewall is and how it protects your computer. Describe the difference between a firewall and an antivirus or antimalware program like Defender.

Links: (Securing User Accounts and Passwords in Windows) (Video) 

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