Urban study

The points in both sections address the content of the question and whether it has been accurately addressed within your answers. There are 5additional marks for consistent and clear citations following APAformatting, as used throughout the course. This should include in-text citations and a reference list at the end. Students are expected to rely on course materials, especially course readings, but can use any relevant sources as long as they are cited. There are 5 additional marks to speak to the quality of your writing. To gain these marks, avoid grammar errors, write in clear, coherent sentences, have a clear organization to your answers and utilize well-structured paragraphs, and utilize critical thinking skills to synthesize material from across the course.While you can answer the questions using any course materials, they rely heavily on the material from after the mid-term exam and thus, those readings and course materials should be the focus of your writing.

Part 1: Short Answer Questions (500 words each)

Define the following terms and use 2 examples of popular culture forms from the course which reflect the significance of these terms for current forms of popular culture consumption:

a) Hyperreality

b) Intertextuality

Part 2: Essay Questions (1000-1500 words each)

Question 1) Many of the topics that we’ve discussed view crimeas central to their depiction of the urban environment. We haveexamined how police and the military are depicted in popular culture. Through our weeks on film noir, reality TV, comic books, video games, graffiti, andhip hop, we have seen who is to be protected within the city, whoare the criminals and how crime and threats be kept under control.

Focusing primarily on either video games, reality TV or comicbooks, how is violence depicted in this form of popular culture? Who are the perpetrators of violence? How does law enforcement/military function within this form of popular culture? What role do ideas of gender and/or race play in this form of popular culture? Using the concept of environmental determinism, what does this form of popular culture tell us about the urban environment?

Question 2) Within our course, we have examined different forms of popular culture, many of which come from North American contexts. However, wehave also examined the flow of popular culture around the world, both that which originatesfrom North America and that which comes from other regionsof the world.

How has popular culture (graffiti, film, music) originating in North America been reinterpreted in other parts of the world? How is the local context where these forms of popular culture are produced reflected within the cultural formitself? What is globalization and how does it reflect the current flows of popular culture around the world? What is hybridity and how does it define either K-pop or Caribana? What role does thenation or nationalism play in shaping popular culture?

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