understand learners and contexts

Analysis of practical value of religious diversity and social class and inequality. 

Use your sociological knowledge (developed in this unit) to argue the practical value of TWO of the topics listed below. Your aim is to demonstrate how this knowledge might help you as an educator to work with student groups and communities represented within your selected topic. (Write approx. 800 words per topic) ● For each topic response, use the final paragraph to suggest one specific pedagogical approach that is based in this sociological understanding, and informed by relevant literature. Explain why you believe this approach is a good one. (Write approx. 200 words per topic)

Note: In addition to the required readings and unit content, you should use at least ONE peer-reviewed journal article per topic (so TWO altogether). In your reference list, list these two references separately to the main reference list. You can title this separate reference list TWO PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLES. ● Peer-reviewed journal articles: Click HERE for a list of examples of the types of articles and journals that are appropriate for you to use. ● Headings: Use the following headings to structure your assignment: 1. (Insert your selected topic from the 4 listed above) 2. (Insert your selected topic from the 4 listed above) 3. Reference list 1: TWO PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLES 4. Reference list 2: OTHER REFERENCES USED ● As this is not an essay assignment, you do not need to write an introduction or conclusion.

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