Two Balls Activity and


CAUTION: Wear protective eye goggles Obtain two different size balls (bouncy type ball.) This could be a tennis ball, racquetball, ping pong ball, kickball, etc. Once you have picked your two balls, drop each ball, one at a time, from the same height. Record how high each ball bounces back up. Now, place the smaller ball directly on top of the larger ball. The two balls should be touching. Release the two balls at the same time. The smaller ball should stay directly on top of the larger ball. You may need to practice this until the two balls fall together and perpendicular to the floor. Record how high each ball bounced back up. Explain, in detail, how the bounce of each ball changed. Explain what happened using the information found in Chapter 7.  

ASSIGMENT2. Question Post: This entry is where you will post a question you had concerning something from the current module, current chapter, question from PowerPoint. In other words, what is something you did not fully understand in this module? 

 Reply to Another Student’s Post: This entry is where you will answer another student’s question. Make sure your response is detailed and completely answers the question. Please cite your answer with a page number from the textbook, an outside website, etc. 

Reply to this student’s post; I had a good understanding of this portion of the chapter. I think that the only thing that I am struggling with is the unit of power. I see that 1 joule/second =1 watt. Can someone explain how it fully relates to something such as a light bulb?

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