Topical Studies in Corporate Engagement Communication of Work

Students are expected to produce a critical essay individually. (Totally within 8 pages with 2,500-4,000 words exclusive of references, tables, figures, and all other appendices). Please write down the number of words at the end of the project. (in-text citations are part of the word count). The written project must follow APA in-citation and reference guidelines.


The final project for this module is a critical essay on the global public relations strategy of an international company or any profit-based organization. This is an individual assignment. Choose a brand of an international company or product/service that interests you. The benefits of this are obvious. The greater interest you have in a topic, the better job you will do and the more you will get out of the project. You are to select a brand, company, organization, or where appropriate, a business unit within a firm, and study it in detail to prepare and present a critical essay on the global public relations strategy. 

6.Suggestions for your project

1) Choose an organization that you are able to gather data or material. However, students need not obtain “inside access” to a real company, although that can be helpful and is encouraged where possible. Use of publicly available information and your own research is acceptable. As part of your project, you will want to study the industry in which you will be competing. Use available public information and secondary research in developing the background for your project. The library is an excellent starting place for uncovering references, either in person or through the library’s website and electronic databases.

2) Your essay should be based on a certain theory or perspective about strategic communication of corporate engagement, such as the different elements shown by the Corporate Communication Model or the theories you have learnt from other modules of the SC Programme. For example, target audience, communication strategy, and media/channel strategy from the perspective of global communication.


* The references must be academic and within 5 years 

*  replace with a suitable title

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