Topic: Introduce YOUR theme or approach/response to the essay. Do you agree, partially agree, or disagree with the writer? What in the article do you want to focus on? Your thesis should include your idea followed by the examples you plan to use.

Write a summary response essay about the article attached below “Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here?”. follow the outline attached below.Summary of the article is already written 4 PARAGRAPHSCONTINUE ESSAY Make grammatical changes as necessary In his “ Who are you and what are you doing here? “ essay Mark Edmundson talks about how to get a real education In America, you will have to fight for it. His target is first-year students in college. Throughout the essay, Edmundson does not sugar coat anything and reflects on the conversations with his father. Edmundson explains how his father told him that when he gets to college, he should study whatever he wants to. Edmondson insists, “The students and professors have made a deal : Neither of them has to throw himself heart and soul into what happens in the classroom.” He points out all the wrongs in the college education system. According to Edmundson, “ education in is finding what type of work is play.” his goal was to convince students that the purpose of college is to do what interest you.

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