Topic Focus Research Paper

Topic Focus and Research Report

Length: 1000 words min. 1200 words max.


The purpose of this assignment is to synthesize the four sources that you used in your Annotated

Bibliography. To synthesize, you must find connections, patterns, and common threads amongst

your sources. You can also find points in which your sources may disagree with one another. In

both cases, the point is to draw connections between the sources, to show how they relate to each

other. For more information on synthesis, be sure to read RRR R-3.


First, you will re-read all fours sources you used for your Annotated Bibliography. Take notes as

you read them again on points on which they relate or disagree.


Your thesis for this assignment will state how the four texts relate to another, points on which

they agree and disagree. Your body paragraphs will summarize, quote, and paraphrase to support

your thesis.

Summarizing, Quoting, and Paraphrasing:

For this assignment, you will need to either summarize or quote from all of the sources from

your Annotated Bibliography. Please read the pages on summarizing, quoting, and paraphrasing

in this module, as well as R-4 in RRR.

You must cite all of your sources with an MLA in-text citation. You must also create a Works

Cited page for your sources. Doing these correctly is a major component of this assignment.


Your paper should follow this outline (you will need to fill in the details for Issue 1, 2, and 3):

I. Introduction

A. Hook

B. Developing background and context

C. Thesis: Your claim is that there are three points in which the sources connect: A,

B, and C (please do not word your thesis exactly like this, though—be creative!)

II. Body paragraph 1 starting with topic sentence linking to point A in thesis

Evidence will be examples from at least 3 sources.

III. Body paragraph 2 starting with topic sentence linking to point B in thesis

Evidence will be examples from at least 3 sources.

IV. Body paragraph 3 starting with topic sentence linking to point C in thesis

Evidence will be examples from at least 3 sources.

V. Conclusion

Tip: Do not organize your paper according to different sources (e.g. have one section about one

source, another about another source, etc…).


Your paper should be written in a formal style as appropriate for an academic audience. There

should be no informal language. You should also write in a concise style—wordy papers will

receive a lower grade.

Punctuation, Grammar, Mechanics, Spelling:

Your paper should contain few errors in punctuation, grammar, mechanics, and spelling. Please

plan ahead to make use of the Virtual Writing Center for help with revision and/or editing

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