Topic DQ8-2 Revised

Objectives: Develop arguments to justify qualitative research needs. Critique the argumentation in qualitative empirical research studies.

Researchers must make a case about the merits of their research and try neither to overstate nor underestimate study results. This includes addressing research strengths and limitations. All research has potential limitations either inherent in the methods used or created through errors in the conduct of the research. Researchers should describe actual or potential study limitations and how these could be minimized or avoided. With that in mind, imagine you are a peer reviewer for a scholarly journal and are asked to review a qualitative research study submitted for publication and to provide the editor feedback regarding whether it should be accepted, revised, or rejected. What concerns with the research might surface during your review that may lead you to recommend that the manuscript be revised or rejected? What aspects of the research may persuade you that the manuscript should be accepted with minor or no revisions? Justify your arguments for and against publication of the study by highlighting the significance of identified strengths and limitations. Note: Rather than providing insights into the possible topics of the article, focus your discussion post on the research methodology and design to resolve this applied research example.

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