To Run or not to Run Case Study

1. Complete an overview of the case (1-2 pages). 2. Using outside research and the information in the case answer the following questions in a logical paragraph format (3-4 pages). a. What are the most important factors Mayor Bloomberg had to consider when making the decision to hold or cancel the marathon? Which do you think had the biggest impact on his ultimate decision? b. Other than Mayor Bloomberg, who else should be involved in making the decision? Why? c. What should Mayor Bloomberg have done before making the decision to cancel the race? (Students are encouraged to consider Zinn’s (1993) ethical decision-making model.) d. Did Mayor Bloomberg make the right decision to cancel the marathon? What compromises could Mayor Bloomberg have made as opposed to just canceling it? e. When (if at all) should the announcement have been made to the public about the cancellation? f. Other than the 9/11 terrorist attacks, are there any other occurrences that Mayor Bloomberg could have drawn from to make his decision? g. How did Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to cancel the race affect him politically? h. According to Situational Crisis Communication Theory (Coombs, 2007), what type of crisis did Hurricane Sandy create for the New York Road Runners (NYRR) and Mayor Bloomberg? What crisis cluster does it fall under? What is the likely public reaction to this type of crisis? What impact does this type of crisis have on the reputation of the organization? i. What should NYRR and the Mayor do after the announcement is made to appease disgruntled marathon participants and to restore the potentially damaged image of the NYRR and the marathon? 3. In your conclusion, support your position of whether you would have gone through with the event. Would an extensive EAP plan make a difference in your decision process? Be sure to include your APA-style citations and works cited page. This conclusion and supporting reasoning should be 1-2 pages.  

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