To investigate employee engagement in healthcare sector in the UK.


It is a master level dissertation of Human Resource. This paper should investigate employee engagement in NHS or healthecare sector in UK under the covid 19 pandemic.

I have the literature review part written already, I hope you can work around what is written if it helps in anyway.

I will need the master degree research structure dissertation in an empirical based orientation written including sections (please refer to the attached dissertation handbook): Abstract, Introdution, Research Design, Analysis of Data, Interpreting the Research Material, reflection on learning, Reference List, Data Analysis Statistic in appendix part. The thesis should be using quantitative method and I will need data for sampling of around 50-100 people who works under NHS or healthcare sector. Also in-text citation needed to be use in the essay. Citation please refer to MMU Harvard refrencing. Data analysis using SPSS / excel is preferred.

In addition, I will need to have the questionnaire template used for data collection in 1 week time after the order is placed as I will need to get ethical approve from the university.

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Please avoid plagiarism! Many thanks.

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