Title : Endangered species : Red wolves 

The paper should have the following:

1. Executive summary: The executive summary is a concise summation of approximately 250 words in length (not less than 10 complete lines of text in length). It should contain approximately 1-2 sentences pertaining to the major sections of the paper. 

2. Body of Paper

– Threats and solutions Paper: Describe how and why red wolves are threatened with exctinction ( minimum 2 pages), and solutions to protect red wolves and grow the population. A minimum of 1 page of the solutions section must be devoted to describing specific techniques used to manage and restore the habitat ( this subsection should have a sub-heading entitled “Management techniques”. 

3. Literature Cited : This paper must have at least 8 references from peer-reviewed journal articles. 

Examples of citation formats to use,

Papers: Browne, R.A., C.R. Griffin, P.R. Chang, M. Hubley, and A.E. Martin. 1993. Genetic divergence among populations of the Hawaiian Duck, Laysan Duck, and Mallard. Auk 110:49-56. 

and others for websites, etc

4. Two tables/ figures: All the two tables or figures should be cited in the text ( Table 1, Fig.2, etc.), but are to be placed in the back of the report. 

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