Throughout the course, we have discussed several issues in education, particularly as they relate to New York City. Select one critical issue that we have discussed (I chose the achievement gap between students) and

1. define the issue (What is this issue? Who does this issue primarily impact? Where does this issue mostly exist?)

2. provide historical context to this issue (Why does this issue exist? When did this issue come to life? What political or economic influences have exacerbated this issue?)

3. how does this issue relate to issues of poverty, equity, and diversity in education?

Lastly, considering the four purposes of education (personal, social, economic, and cultural) as we have defined it, develop your own conclusions and rationale for reform efforts regarding your issue. How will such resolve impact personal, social, economic, and/or cultural purposes of education? Use course materials to support your argument.

This assignment must be written in APA format and should be approximately 5-7 pages (1800 words) not including the reference and title page.

Make sure to include at least five of these sources:
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