This assignment requires writing 6 different essays that vary from 2 to 3 pages each. I want the same person so the tone for all of them is the same

1.A patient comes to see a physician (YOU) for recent onset mid epigastric pain that is burning and very severe. The pain was first noticed when the patient was at the gym exercising on the treadmill. The patient became queasy and started vomiting. The patient shows up in your office and seeks relief. Describe the PROCESS that you would go through in evaluating the patient as well as what would you would do to determine what was wrong with this patient. Go through the process telling me what you would do from start to finish. Tell me all the results as you proceed as well as well as your thought processes on how you would proceed after each step. Be as DETAILED as possible describing your theoretical patient. Give me the patient’s history, a list of all possible things that could be wrong with this patient (the differential diagnosis) and how you would distinguish which of the possible diseases the patient had? Give specific test results as you proceed and how you would proceed based on the result.

 Option 2: Instead of epigastric pain, you have the option of having your patient have severe shortness of breath as his symptom that was sudden in onset and feels like someone is sitting on his/her chest. 

 Option 3: If you don’t like either of the above pick your favorite disease and go through the same process. Suggested length 3-4 pages. (20 points).

Go with option 3 which is the easiest.

Second topic (2 essays ): Watch one orthopedic surgery procedure and one cardiac surgery procedure video on (Links to an external site.) or any other site that has surgical videos and for each one,   write a two – three page description of the disease being treated, the surgical procedure performed and any unique biomedical devices utilized during the procedure. (2-3 pages for each video) (20 pts.)

Third Topic :Write a 3-4page paper on everything you learned about the FDA by watching the videos on the FDA website on     the FDA’s responsibilities. You can tailor your report to any aspect of FDA responsibility that interests you. Find your own on the FDA website. (20 pts)

Fourth topic: watch the video on Medical Imaging posted on the website and write a summary of the different technologies mentioned. (2–3 pages) (20 pts.)

Find a recently recalled medical device that has been pulled from the market and report on why the device was recalled, what adverse events were caused, the root cause for the adverse event and how the company responded when they found about the defect. Report on whether you think the company and the FDA handled this event appropriately. Include in your report significant documents that the FDA sent the company and the company’s responses. Suggested length 2-3 pages. (20 pts.)

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