Thesis Statement Writing Assignment


To understand what Nash is arguing, you must complete the Critical Thinking Analysis (CTA) before moving on to this assignment.

After carefully reading all of chapter four in the Hollitz text, answer the question, “Do the primary sources in the chapter either support or negate Nash’s argument? ” Find three primary sources ( documents 2-12) to support your answer to that question.

Goals and Focus:

To produce and develop a thesis statement by synthesizing primary evidence.

Again, for this assignment I am asking you to write the thesis for Writing Assignment 3. A good thesis will give your reader a road map to your paper. It will state your argument and it tells the reader what evidence supports your thesis.

In Writing Assignment 3, I am asking you to answer the question, “Do the primary sources (documents 2-12) in chapter four of the Hollitz text support or negate Gary Nash’s argument in his essay, The Unknown American Revolution?” You only have to use three primary sources from the chapter, not all of them.

You thesis statement will be your answer to the question, “ Do the primary sources support or negate Gary Nash’s argument?”

You need to know what Gary Nash is arguing in his essay to be able to answer this question. Look back at your CTA. What is Nash arguing in his essay?

(Please do not use any other sources than the ones I am going to provide. In this class we are using VOL 1 not Vol 2. I have had previous writers use sources from the internet which end up being the wrong source and overall wrong.  I have provided the chapter my professor has given me. I also included my CTA analysis so you can use that as reference as well. this is a very important grade and can not afford a low grade. please please let me know if you need any assistance or additional information? 



I argue _______________________________.

You got it! This is your thesis statement!

Be advised that writing in first person (using ‘I’) is not always accepted in other courses, or even among other history instructors. In this class, using ‘I’ is encouraged, though not mandatory. It is encouraged, because I want students to take ownership of their positions and ideas. At the same time, first person is acceptable in the thesis statement and/or introduction ONLY.


Because…your voice needs to be kept in check for the rest of the paper- it is your evidence that now needs to speak for itself. After all, the goal in producing an argumentative essay is to support your thesis statement/argument by providing credible evidence. Remember, primary sources operate as evidence for historians. 

For Part II, you will include the claims/evidence that shaped your interpretation. Fill in the blanks below with three primary sources (documents 2-12) that support your thesis.

1.___________________________________ 2.___________________________________ 3.___________________________________

What’s key here is that you back up your thesis statement with specific evidence.

Once again, the final product should have the following Two Part Schematic:

Part I: Thesis Statement

I argue ___________________________ , this is supported by three primary sources. 

Part II: Claims/Evidence 

 Primary Source #1 ___­­_____________________________ 

 Primary Source #2 ________________________________ 

 Primary Source #3 ________________________________   

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