There are many ways we learn about social inequities and values at societal, systemic, or industry levels. Sometimes it is through more formal avenues like some of the scholarly approaches we reviewed earlier in class. Often, it is through informal sources in the field. Take some time to explore conversations happening in your field(Marine Electrician) around inequities (examples could be issues around age, gender, hourly or salary work, etc). Really aim to get at conversations and what they are discussing. Select and share one source and over 1-2 pages, explain the source, what it is telling you about inequities in your field, and what you are finding.

Here are some places or sources you can look:

Industry Conference Discussion Boards

Association Forums

Industry/Association Webinars or Workshops

Current Articles




Social Media Sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more)

Social Media “Groups” (ex: LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Pages/Groups, etc.)

Make sure to use clear and specific examples to support your statements. Think of this as an opportunity to communicate to somebody what is going on in your field, as it relates to social inequities. 

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