theories of language development


In this paper, you will revisit the theories of language development from your readings, videos, and your journal, and do the following:

  • Discuss and apply one theory to explain how humans learn language
  • Use the following questions to discuss the importance of language in the capability of humans to learn:
    • How does language set humans apart from other species?
    • What role do you feel language plays in human learning?
    • Do humans need language to learn? Why or why not?
  • Discuss the role of research in this field and how it has contributed to what we know about language development.

 Your paper should be a minimum of 750 words (3 pages) but no more than 1000 (4 pages) not including the APA formatted Reference page.  Papers should be double spaced, Times New Roman Font, 1-inch margins with in-line citations in APA format. Headings will help you ensure you’ve addressed all the required information. 

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