Theoretical review

The 1,500-word theoretical review paper should provide an analysis of two to three

theoretical approaches to the study of nationalism. You need to choose three of the following

approaches to review: primordialism, perennialism, ethno-symbolism, modernism, social

constructionism, and post-modernism.

 take each of the theoretical approaches they intend to review and analyze the

main aspects of each approach; its main arguments and how proponents of that theory

understand how and when nations have come into existence. As part of the review of each

approach, students should also provide a critique highlighting the central weaknesses and

limitations of each approach.

As part of the assignment, you should also put forward an analysis of which theory, they

think is most convincing in terms of explaining how and when nations came into existence.

you should include an introduction, main body, and conclusion as you would in a

conventional essay. you should aim to write 450 words on each theoretical approach and

between 75 to 100 for the introduction and conclusion.

you should remember they must draw on the appropriate scholarly literature for each

theoretical approach they cover utilizing the writings and ideas of key scholars for each


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