Theatre Assignment-Performance Analysis – Watch a Play on youtube then write an essay

Pick a play or a musical to analyze. You can pick anything as long as: You don’t use Six or Silent Sky. The performance is at least one (1) hour long. The performance is/was live. That means you can watch Hairspray Live if you can find it on YouTube, for example, but you can’t watch Hairspray the Movie, because it was only ever intended to be a film. The fact that it later became a musical doesn’t count. You can address the majority of the questions below. At least one of your analyses (this Production analysis OR your Performance Analysis) are of a live TAMUCC show. That will require you to buy a ticket and plan ahead since performances often sell out! If purchasing a ticket presents a financial hardship then please be sure to let Alex know with plenty of warning. Please make sure your TAMUCC production is a play or musical, not dance (although you should go see those too just because it’s good for you). Watch the show. Provide an analysis of the performance using the following questions as a guide. Please write a paper – don’t just list answers to these questions! If you think of other relevant information, then feel free to include it. If some of these questions don’t apply to the production you watched, then toss them. Your goal is to provide a monograph of between 1,000 and 1,200 words detailing how the actors told the story. What’s the genre of the play? In what period was it written? Do the performance choices line up with that genre/period? How? Why or why not? Is there anything in the play that’s generally done a specific way? Did this performance line up with historical precedent? How? Who was the author? Based on what you can discover about that person, do the performances/direction in this piece line up with the author’s intentions? What are the important elements of this story? How did the actors achieve those elements? What kind of dramaturgical choices were made? What did the actors sound like? What did they look like? How did those elements contribute (or not) to the story? What story did the actors tell? Was it the same as the plot points of the text, or did you get a different vibe? What looks like it came from the actors and what came from the director? Who were the actors and director? Did they say anything about the production – either in print or interviews – that sheds light on the performance? How was the pace of the production? Was it appropriate to the show? What was your overall impression? Was the acting/directing coherent or not so much? Why or why not? Were there any moments that felt perfect (or really wrong)? Why? Is there anything in particular you feel could be improved upon. Were there individual performances that overshadowed the rest of the cast? If so, was that good or bad? Feel free to include any other relevant information. Proofread carefully! The quality of your writing is part of your grade. Cite your sources! Please use standard MLA documentation to credit any information that didn’t come from the production or your head.

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