The Use of Sentiment Analysis to Evaluate Public Perception of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) during the COVID-19 Pandemic

1.       Review the attached Research proposal to understand the logic of the conversation; you may have to adapt the methodology though.

2.       Illustrate with relevant, well-referenced diagrams and Tables.

3.       Discuss each point in details and connect to the next.

4.       As much as practicable, use recent literature, preferably from 2020 till date, but feel free to include other years if need be to give a better view.

5.       Discuss the various Data Analysis Methods and make the case for the Analysis methodology used

6.       Use either R or Python to write the code to mine the Twitter data from Mach 2020 till March 2022 using relevant hash tags.

7.       Discuss your results in details presenting with both charts and tables.

8.       You can share the work in milestones – say, chapter by chapter to allow for faster review/approval and better quality.

9.       Please read both attached documents carefully. They are going to be a good guide. But of course, be original.

10.     If you can use appropriate heading styles, your table of contents will be better formatted and easier to amend.

Assessment criteria and weighting
Introduction Clarity of problem definition, context and aims (10%)
Literature review Critical evaluation of the literature (20%)
Methodology Case for research design and methods (20%)
Results/findings Analysis and interpretation (20%)
Conclusions Conclusions and recommendations (20%)
Presentation, structure, writing style and referencing (10%)
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