The use of drones for civil / mining engineering industry

What is below is essentially what is in the details folder. I would still like you to use the details folder as it may give more insight. Please also refer to the rubric and there are two types of proposal. please read the second assignment which i have also attached due to you having to use whatever proposal is most relevant to the second assignment (Literature Review). Both templates for both proposals are also included in the links that i have placed.There could be two types of proposals:

 – For experimental Materials/Devices – based research (tangible)

 – For Modelling/Algorithm – based research (intangible). 

 According to this, there are two types of Experimental sections 

– you only need one section in your proposal 

– chose the one that is relevant to your type of proposed research.

 If you chose to have an experimental validation to your model/algorithm you could add this as well, but not as detailed as in materials/devices proposals. Please just outline this in the evaluation/validation proposition. 

Your Research Proposal should contain the following sections (points allocated to each section):

 Title (2pt)

 Abstract (10pt)


 Significance (Rationale) Connection to the current body of knowledge Gap/s leading to need for your project Aim, Expected Outcomes and Research Questions (16pt)

 Study Design/Approach (20pt)

 Experimental (for proposed Materials-Centred Study): 

Materials, Instruments and Methods (24pt)

 Experimental (for proposed Modelling/Algorithm-Centred Study):

 Underpinning Theoretical Framework, Algorithm/Model Development method/s, Algorithm/Model evaluation and validation) (24pt)

 Data Analysis Methods (6pt)

 Limitations (4pt)

 Timeline (4pt) 

References (2pt) 

Please follow the format given in the Template file. Min margins are Narrow as per Word setting: Top 1.27cm, Bottom 1.27cm, Left 1.27cm, Right 1.27cm. Use Narrow only if you absolutely lacking space!

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